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We develop useful apps for the most popular wearable devices. Experience feature-rich and advanced apps

Wearable App Development

With the growth in technology wearable apps is opening much space. Wearable devices like Apple watch, Google glass, android watch, fit bands, etc are gaining popularity with enhancement in their features day by day. These smart devices have conquered the market by a storm and gaining popularity. With these smart devices there comes the need to adopt new changes for the increasing expectations of the potential buyers. Also, with the abundance of popularity gained by these wearable devices, there is a high level of demand for wearable app services. Appsmediaz Technologies is a forward-thinking company that deals in providing services for mobile application development that includes wearable app development as well. Our team runs with innovation and understands the needs of the customers. We create feature-rich apps for both the platforms, IOS, and Android. Also, we can transform the existing apps into wearable apps to go hand in hand with your wearable devices.

Our specializations

We develop useful apps for the most popular wearable devices. Experience feature-rich and advanced apps in the following devices:

Apps for smart bands
Smart band apps are developed user friendly and rich in features to encourage the users to reach their fitness level. These apps motivate users to the core and help them push their limits. We build custom apps to meet the personal needs of the users.

Apps for smartwatches and I watch
Our team has expert experience in developing engaging mobile applications for both IOS and Android wearable devices. The plus point of expertise in both areas is that we are capable of developing apps with complex features such as display controls, call management, etc.

Virtual reality apps
The most amazing and thrilling game development apps are built by our team. We change your visions into reality by converting them into streamlined gaming apps. These virtual reality apps are rich in distinctive features and addictive functionalities.

Apps for Google glass
Google Glass is another device where we extend out specialization. Our team rigorously focuses on developing apps for Google glass with dedicated efforts. With each upgrade in the device, we bring complex changes in the feature to cope with the development of wearable devices.

Wearable payment apps
Wearable payment apps are no wonder the most comforting apps. These are built with a bit more complex as compared to the other apps. We help you get the advantage of such powerful apps on all your platforms including wearable devices like wrist bands and smartwatches. Now pay digitally by simply tapping or waving your wearable device even when you forget to bring your wallet.

IoT wearable apps
The sole purpose of developing these apps is to connect with the ecosystem thereby enhancing the level of productivity and communication. Our team develops high functional apps and intuitive apps for wearable devices that are worth using.

Services we provide

Appsmediaz Technologies offer services for :

customized app development for wearable devices,
wearable UI/UX design app,
android wear app development,
apple watch app development,
wearable app development for IOS,
testing of apps for wearable device compatibility,
augmented reality app development for wearables,
recreating existing apps for wearables
IoT based wearable app development

With an upgrade in the level of wearable devices, a constant demand for wearable apps has also increased. Choose Appsmediaz Technologies as your partner to develop innovation and feature-rich wearable apps for your devices. Our wearable app development team holds great expertise with years of experience in the field. We are efficient to develop both enterprise and customer-centric apps for our customers. Our team constructs engaging apps with cross-device capability to suit both the platforms and even run of diverse wearable devices. In addition to our experience with different wearable devices, we show off our cross-industry experience as well. We have created apps for multiple uses over the years such as for lifestyle, healthcare, travel, etc.

Industries We Serve

We Have Worked Across Multiple Industries

We Have Worked Across Multiple Industries

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